Unicity Cleanse

Unicity Cleanse

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Unicity cleanse contains all natural digestive health products that support healthy digestion. Containing UNICITYLIFIBER, UNICITYPARAWAY PLUS, and either UNICITYNATURE’S TEA or UNICITYALOE VERA, cleanse, protect and support your entire digestive system.

Lifiber: The soluble and insoluble fibers in LIFIBER help trap waste components and remove them from the body.

Paraway Plus: A patented blend of herbs containing all natural preventive properties support the digestive tract.

Nature’s Tea: Cleanses the digestive tract with a blend of senna leaf, buckthorn, peppermint, and other herbs.

Aloe Vera: An all natural product that supports the body’s healing and cleansing processes.

A low-residue diet causes a gluey state that cannot be efficiently processed by the intestines. The colon is the solid waste management organ for the entire body, and mucous and waste can easily adhere to the colon walls.

The colon is the easiest breeding ground for microorganisms, some of which may be harmful. The latest estimates show that over 90 percent of disease in America is related in some way to an unhealthy colon. Headaches, skin blemishes, bad breath, fatigue, and joint distress can be linked to a congested colon. In addition, colon and bowel problems are a big factor in early aging.

When waste backs up, it becomes toxic and then releases the toxins into the bloodstream. Other elimination organs become overburdened. Cleansing your colon lightens the toxic load on every part of your body. In fact, hardly any healing program will work without a colon cleanse as part of it. Real healing takes place at the deepest levels of your body: your cells.

All your cells are fed by your blood. Some of the nutrients that reach your blood get there by the way of the colon. So a clogged dirty colon may mean toxins in your blood. Fiber’s significance comes from its ability to move food through the digestive system quickly and easily.

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